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The Modern Distraction

18 Jun

I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time. The reason for this has quite simply been I have been ridiculously busy organising my wedding, which is very soon. It has been a lot of work: physically when going to various venues, services etc, making the invitations, mentally: looking for readings, sorting the seating plan etc, and emotionally: FAMILY! Therefore I made the conscious decision to not try and think of anything to blog about as I was conserving my energy and also because I do not blog unless I feel I have something to say.

At this stage everything is more or less done and we just need to wait for the day itself, which I’m really excited about and never stopped being excited about even at my most stressed, depressed, exhausted (pick an appropriate adjective). So at this stage of trying to blog what do I have to think about. Well all I can think of is how distracting our modern lives often are. Planning the “Happiest Day of your Life” is not easy even with the most supportive of friends and family. There is so much to do no matter how small and simple you want to make it (big family, therefore big wedding). But there will always be some big event to plan, project to complete or goal to reach in our lives.

I am very proud and happy to say that when things were getting really difficult I did manage to make it a little easier by lighting some incense and just sitting in the moment. I am sad to say though that when things were at their most difficult I did not have the energy or will to even try to do this.

But after going through the whole ordeal/joy of the experience I can honestly say I believe that the next big obstacle will be that bit easier as I look back on the hard times I had and how I managed to pull through. But also the times I was not coping so well and how it still got better. Hindsight is 20/20 but what is the point unless you bring your past experiences with you. Just as I will play back tournament fights and sparring in my HEMA club in my head, trying to improve as a fighter I will play back those moments in the future when things get difficult and remember how I still succeeded. The Warrior grows stronger through her previous battles and when we get through a Modern Distraction and come out the other side we need to remember it in all is good and bad so it makes us stronger the next time.