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Connecting with the Trees

18 Mar

Where I live there is a rich mythology and folklore associated with the Fairy Folk or Sidhe. Some people view them with fear, other’s with skepticism (though they may change their minds if they have drawn their attention!) and you are always recommended to treat them with respect. There are certain trees associated with them, thorns such as Hawthorne would be one and the Hazel is another. 

Today I spent the day walking in a very important archaeological, mythological and spiritual site in my country in a rural area about an hours drive from where I live. Rather than climb around the mounds that mark the boundaries of the various Iron Age structures that were built here as most day-trippers do my partner and I decided to walk a path from one Fairy Tree to the next. 

It was a profound experience as we became aware of the distinctive energies of each one. Neither of us had realised just how many Fairy Trees are on the site as normally you only find individual trees in areas several kilometres apart. It was a very profound experience and something I will be doing again. 

But what this also highlighted to me was the importance of Tree Lore. I have connected and communed with Trees before through various forms of meditation but not to a large degree. The Ancient Druids, Priests of the Celts, revered Trees as sacred Keepers of Wisdom and today I could see why. I usually turn Shamanic Journeying or more generic Wiccan influenced ritual practice when I’m trying to connect or work through a problem, but from now on when I’m having difficulty I think I’m going to turn to my Arboreal Friends!