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Women Warriors

2 Mar

I like to consider myself a feminist. I have protested for more comprehensive abortion rights in my country, follow feminist theory articles, vlogs and blogs such as http://www.youtube.com/user/feministfrequency. Thanks to social media it is now possible for women to tell the world about th


e problems they face every day. Unfortunately our predominantly male political landscapes mean these often serious issues are not taken seriously at all and instead are demoted to the rank of “womens issues”. Over half the population of this planet is female but somehow problems and hardships faced by women and caused nearly always by the minority (men) are still not viewed as human issues!

In Irish mythology one of the greatest heroes Cúchulainn was trained by the great warrior woman Scáthach of Scotland as a young boy. It was through her training that he became the legendary hero he is remembered as. If the male leaders of our countries and the everyday men of societies truly wish to become warriors again we need to look to our everyday warrior women. If more men can realise the obstacles that women face daily and yet simply “get on with it” would we not be better warriors ourselves as men?

Artwork by Jan Hess-http://fineartamerica.com/featured/scathach-jan-hess.html


Finding Connections

26 Feb

I’ve been practising some form of Paganism or other for over 10 years now (Man I’m getting old!) and over the years I’ve spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what exactly Paganism is to me. Well for those expecting a beautifully written explanation sorry to disappoint cause I guess I’m always gonna be figuring it out. But then that’s the whole point really. I do think for me a lot of it is about trying to find a connection with nature and the energies around me and developing that connection in a deeper way.

But one thing which I’ve struggled with a lot is trying to get a good connection with the male side of Divinity in a Pagan context. To non-Pagans this may seem a bit odd but I found (and has been agreed with by many Pagans I’ve talked to) very difficult, extremely at the start to get any information on developing connections with Male Godheads. But in the past two years I have been doing a lot of work using Shamanic techniques and I have found it a lot easier to work on male aspects of Divinity and Spirituality. From my own perspective Shamanism involves a lot more guided journeying and development of journeying meditation. I feel that compared to the ritual work I personally practiced on my own or with one or two friends in college as a fledgling “Wiccan” is much better suited when looking for something.

Over the last while I have found it much easier to developing these connections. Starting with a clear intent and then doing some drumming myself or listening to a drumming CD it would seems I can let my mind and spirit wander off and end up where it needs to be to do the healing work I need to do.

It’s not the same as the directed intent of Ritual Magick but more of an Astral Freewheeling where you seem to end up where you need to be by the end. Also I have personally found the more I do it the more my general awareness of energy and spirits around has heightened.

The only trick seems to be ensuring that you get back after you go for a trip! Though if that is a regular problem a bit of chocolate once it’s done always seems to help!