Historical European Martial Arts

27 Feb

So my other big interest is Historical European Martial Arts or HEMA. This is a fairly new/old martial art which looks at the
fighting systems of medieval Europe and later in an attempt to better understand how they worked. Most of the groups
Imagewhich study HEMA learn the use of European swords but other weapons such as Quaterstaffs, Spears and Daggers are
studied and unarmed fighting such as wrestling and pugilism is also examined.

One of the things I love most about HEMA is that it is directly relevant to my own European Culture. The other thing I love about it is that when most people think of Martial Arts they think of Bruce Lee and ancient codified fighting styles from Asia. What people don’t realise is that Europeans had their own highly structured systems of fighting and their own Masters that young men would study with. 

It really brings home my own history in a much better way. But also I feel it has helped me working with my masculine energy and helped my confidence which has in turn helped me develop my connection with Male Deity


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